How to
■Purpose of NITE-Gmiccs

The Web tool "GHS Mixture Classification and Labelling/SDS Creation System (NITE-Gmiccs) * 1" has been released for the purpose of supporting the implementation of GHS classification of mixtures and the creation of GHS labels by businesses. Many products and chemicals on the market contain one or more chemicals, so those chemicals need to be assessed for GHS classification as mixtures, however, GHS classification of mixtures requires a high degree of expertise. With this tool, if having a network environment, anyone, anywhere can easily and automatically perform GHS classification * 2 of mixtures. In addition, NITE-Gmiccs always contains the latest GHS Classification Result by the Japanese Government as basic data, so users do not need to update the data.

*1 This system is based on the mechanism of " GHS Mixture Classification System " developed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan. If you want to use the installed version, please contact the METI.

GHS Classification System (Installed version)

*2 As a general rule, test data on the mixture itself is required for classification of physical hazards. The main targets of this system are health hazards and environmental hazards. Please confirm the classification logic for more information,

Classification logic for NITE-Gmiccs

■How to use NITE-Gmiccs

How to use NITE-Gmiccs is summarized in the following operation manual.

Old NITE-Gmiccs Operating Manual [PDF] (Updated on May 28, 2021)

NITE-Gmiccs Operating Manual [PDF] (in preparation for versin for updated on March 31, 2022)

■How to create import data

In NITE-Gmiccs, the composition information of the mixture (product) and the GHS information of a single substance (ingredient) must be imported (updated) into the NITE-Gmiccs as user data. It is possible to import one substance one by one via the web interface, but if you want to import multiple data at once, you need to create the data in the specified Excel format (CSV format). Please download the template file below and create the data.

Template for for mixtures (products) [Excel]

Template for single substance [Excel]

■Target organ integration specifications

NITE-Gmiccs implements a target organ integration function to summarize the multiple similar target organs. Please refer to the link below for details on the integration rules.

Target organ integration specifications (Updated on April 1, 2021)[PDF]

■Narrowing down of precautionary statements

NITE-Gmiccs implements a function to narrow down the number of precautionary statements displayed on the label, when there are many precautionary statements for the mixture. Please refer to the link below for details on the narrowing down rules.

Narrowing down of precautionary statements (Updated on April 1, 2021)[PDF]